The foremost Cancer Therapy
is here.


The foremost Cancer Treatment
is here.

5 reasons to consider
CAR NK-Cell Therapy for Cancer Therapy

Unlike traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, CAR-NK Cell Therapy offers multiple advantages:

Minimally invasive


Uses the body's natural killer cells

Appropriate for all types of cancer

Provides long-term protection

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When my father developed cancer in 2014, I wasn’t convinced by the treatment methods that were available to us. I then discovered Immunotherapy as the most promising option. There are many better treatment options than those recommended today to most patients. With our patients we see the consistent positive results of Natural Immunotherapy. The mission of the F3nix Institute is to apply the most advanced scientific options to overcome cancer.

Unfortunately for my father it was too late – but everything happens for a reason, and for me it was the motivation to help others.

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What is CAR-NK Cell Therapy?

A New Way to Treat Cancer

In a very similar way to CAR-T cell therapy, CAR-NK Cell Therapy is a type of immunotherapy that teaches the body’s immune cells to recognize and destroy cancer.

NK (Natural Killer) Cells offer clear advantages over T cells when it comes to cancer immunotherapy, overcoming their limitations and associated toxicity.

Therefore, NK cells are being explored as an alternative platform for CAR engineering and are becoming recognised as important players in the next generation of cellular therapies targeting cancer.

CAR-NK Cell Therapy has demonstrated promising results in a range of patients across the globe. In some patients, this can lead to the total elimination of the cancer. In others, there is a significant improvement of the disease.

What are Natural Killer Cells?

NK cells play an essential role in the rapid response of the immune system. They are a type of short-lived lymphocyte with a life span of around 2 weeks in the circulation.

NK cells represent typically 10% of the total lymphocytes in humans. Interestingly, in the umbilical cord blood this fraction goes up to 20-30%, making cord blood one of the NK sources for CAR engineering.

Since decades, CAR-T cells have been used successfully to treat haematologic malignancies, however similar outcomes have not been observed in the therapy of solid tumours. CAR-NK cell therapy emerges as promising efficient alternative for these solid malignancies.

NK cells can be derived from multiple sources for use in CAR engineering, at the F3nix Institute we use the most important source, which is the umbilical cord blood (CB). As mentioned before, the absolute number of Natural Killer cells present in CB by volume and fraction is higher than found in peripheral blood lymphocytes, representing 20–30% of the CB lymphocytic pool.

NK cells from diverse sources have been genetically modified to express CARs to redirect their activity against B-cell malignancies.

In this context, the efficacy of CAR-NK cell therapy against solid malignancies such as glioblastoma, melanoma, breast, ovarian and prostate cancers plays an important role.

What does CAR-NK Cell Therapy mean?

CAR stands for chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) and it is the most commonly used approach for generating tumour target-specific immune cells through genetic modification of these cells.

During this modification the antigen receptor on the surface of the immune cell is modified to match the tumor antigen.

CAR has been introduced into different types of immune cells including T cells, NK cells, and macrophages, and these CAR transduced immune cells are named as CAR-T, CAR-NK, and CAR-M, respectively.

What Are the Benefits of CAR-NK Cell Therapy?

The huge benefit of a therapy like this is the NK Cell modifications will last for a long time. Each time a body’s NK cells encounter a toxin or disease agent and develop antigen receptors and antibodies to fight it, the person has that ability forever. That means patients who receive modified NK cells now have the tools to fight their particular cancer for the remainder of their days.

Often the patient is not suitable for T-cell therapy because they are heavily pre-treated and do not have enough T-cell counts. Thanks to the low toxicity of NK cells, these can be use from a donor without incompatibilities issues unlike with the T-cell Therapy. This also allows to have CAR-NK cells ready to use, avoiding the delay of weeks it would take to prepare autologous CAR T-cells/NK-cells. This is especially relevant for patients in which the cancer is progressing rapidly.

At the F3NIX Institute we offer CAR-NK Cell Therapy, amongst other highly advanced and non-invasive cancer therapies.

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