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To improve or cure cancer using natural killer cells, the work mechanism is pretty much the same and effective in any cancer type. This makes every cancer patient potentially eligible. As the treatment effect is natural, it works in every stage of the cancer journey and it can be used in conjunction or separate from any other treatment. Oncologists with expertise in immunology will likely suggest CAR-NK Cell Therapy as a first and primary therapy. For clarity CAR-NK Cell Therapy, unlike chemotherapy, is a primary therapy, while most believe CAR-NK Cell Therapy is just an adjunctive therapy. To determine the best strategy, we are happy to discuss your individual situation based on your medical reports.

The majority of specialists are unaware of this therapy and it is not yet mainstream in treatment pathways. As with all new treatments, it takes time to convince a large part of the medical profession. The benefit this therapy has is that there is no harm done to the body, yet it has higher success rates than traditional treatments according to many clinical reports.
Once reinfused, the modified Natural Killer Cells immediately start fighting cancer cells in the patient’s body, while the positive long-term effects stay for a lifetime. 
CAR-NK Cell Therapy is a private treatment, even though a growing number of health insurances are covering the costs. Please request an individual proposal according to your health condition and accommodation preferences.
Choosing CAR-NK Cell Therapy as a minimally invasive and non-toxic first option does not limit or restrict the opportunity to have any other treatment afterwards if deemed necessary.

Natural killer cells need to be primed with cancerous material (e.g. antigens) that only exist in an affected body. The earlier the therapy is given, the easier it is for the immune system, to fight the cancer. On the other hand – even in terminal stages results may show prolonged life and improved quality of life dependant on the case. As well as a palliative treatment CAR-NK Cell Therapy might – if cure is no longer expected – reduce pain and enhance quality of life.

You can undertake a web research, find clinical studies on the cancer you are confronted with on our website or talk to our experts in English, German, Spanish and other languages. For your information, there are a lot of medical publications on CAR-NK Cell Therapy and cancer.
This is dependent on individual cases.

The treatment takes place in private clinics in Morocco, Mexico and Bangkok under expert medical supervision. F3NIX is one of the only few providers of CAR-NK Cell Therapy.

The friendly staff at F3NIX is always available for e-mail or telephone inquiries. You are also free to contact us in the form at the bottom of this page.

We believe in Healing Cancer from Within.

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